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Placement in families seeking English-language education for their children in Russia.

Competitive salary and benefits package

Our employees receive a competitive salary and free accommodation. Additionally, they can be rewarded for excellent performance with annual salary increases, a Christmas bonus, paid personal days, and a flat rate for overnight care.

Visa support for governors and onboarding

Upon acceptance of offer, Kingsley Agency provides you with full assistance when you're applying for a visa, looking for accommodation, and making your transition to life in Russia. Our team of experts in psychology, early childhood education, and ESL teaching will ensure you hit the ground running.

Assistance with curriculum development

Kingsley Agency thoroughly tests all of our incoming students and develops individualized study plans for them based on the English National Curriculum and IB programme.

Supportive liaison between employees and families

We check in with our employees and families on a regular basis to sustain effective communication between them. We foster an ongoing dialogue between employees and families to achieve the best results for everyone involved in the child's educational process.

A welcome kit for new employees

Receive our welcome kit for newcomers with a travel guide for Russia, a mug, guidelines for nannies, governors, and tutors, a collection of the best exercises and exciting ideas for warm-ups and foreign language teaching, and much more.

Special offers to gyms and Russian language schools

Enjoy special offers from our partners for a gym membership and Russian language lessons.

Send us an email at [email protected] or call +7 495 481 40 19 if you're interested in working for Kingsley.